Saturday, February 13, 2016

a few new projects

Here are some of my latest creations.  Top left and bottom right are mokume gane.  Top right is a stroppel cane.   Bottom left is also mokume gane, but with a skinner blend.

Fixed my Pasta Machine!

Due to impatience to get on to the "good stuff", I knew I was damaging the gears in my pasta machine by forcing too hard or too thick through it.  While kicking myself for doing that, I ran across this:

Desiree describes the workings of the pasta machine and how to take it apart to fix it.  She made it look so easy, with step-by-step photos, that I decided to try it.  Much to my amazement, it worked!  I think on one of my machines the gears aren't meshing correctly, which I don't know how to fix (if it can be fixed), but it is much better.  I lubricated everything well, then put them back together.  And I didn't even have any leftover parts!

Thanks, Desiree, for the help.  Now...back to the "good stuff"!