Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Starting 2016 on the right foot

I see that I resolved, back in January 2015, to post more often.  And I see that I didn't do that!  Procrastination certainly played a part, but it is more than that.  I haven't been happy with my artistic direction over the past year or so.  Not that I didn't make some pretty things that I'm very happy with, of course.  But nothing has been particularly satisfying.

To try to figure out what would be satisfying, I took a wonderful course by Debora Mauser,  It was held at Wild Acres, the Southeast Federation of Mineral Societies' retreat in the NC mountains.  Debora taught us cold connections and torch-fired enameling.  I enjoyed every single minute, and Debora certainly packed a lot of information and technique into every single minute!  I still can't believe how much she taught during the week.  I came home and applied the techniques, but that still wasn't it.  It did feed into my objective of learning a lot of techniques so that I can mix and match them as the creative urge requires.  Debora teaches a lot of workshops, so check out the link above.

The other thing I did was purchase a tutorial from one of my favorites, Eni Oken,  Not only is she talented in jewelry making skills, but she is one of the most entrepreneurial people I know.  I have purchased over the years all of her Creative Journals and her Think & Design series, so I knew when she came out with The Crossover Method it would be worthwhile.  It turns out that it is a great tool.  It is complex and a challenge and is not something you can get result from overnight.  I'm still working on it.

However, just this week I stumbled upon the Flickr site ( of an artist that I have seen previously and admired.  She has numerous tutorials on her blog,, that I have used.  I particularly like her border canes.  What I found recently was something I hadn't seen before, her combination of polymer clay and wirework.  These are 2 of my favorite mediums and it is a combo that I've been thinking about for several years but haven't quite wrapped my mind around.  I found her pieces very inspiring and have spent the last couple of days knee deep in polymer clay.  Next step is to see what I can do to make a finished product, hopefully with some wirework.

I'll post some photos of the polymer clay pieces I worked on in the past couple of days and will post those with wire when I have them done.

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