Friday, January 25, 2013

Introducing Me - My First Post

For my very first post, I'll try to explain who I am, who I want to be, and how I'm trying to get there.  For some people, it appears easy to write a blog about themselves, but not for me.  After this initial introduction, I hope to talk more about what I'm learning in the hope that perhaps I can inspire someone else to start the same process.

On my journey to become a jewelry artist I think I started in the right place...technique.  In order to be free to create, I felt I had to have a foundation of skill in multiple techniques so that I could combine techniques to turn an idea into something appealing.  So...I started at the beginning, with stringing.  Years later, I now have at least working knowledge in numerous areas.  Depending on what I'm trying to create, I can use one or more of the following:  stringing, bead weaving, kumihimo, Viking knit, wire crochet, wirework, silversmithing, chainmaille, cutting/ polishing cabochons, macrame, and my favorite-- polymer clay.

My natural tendency is to want to learn everything!. This trait has been useful, but it is also difficult since it is very easy to become fragmented.  If I see something another person is working on or a picture in a magazine, immediately I want to learn to make it.  Currently, I'm learning to bead around a cabochon and to use bead embroidery, sculptural peyote, while learning new polymer clay techniques through tutorials and books.

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